about the music

about the format

la bergamasca

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Each player has the music for the melody, the harmony, and the bass, in other words, the whole piece.


This means each aspect of the piece can be learned together by the whole ensemble, resulting in…

  • efficient use of rehearsal time
  • improved intonation
  • the stronger players supporting the less able
  • individual players or sections stretched without being placed under unnecessary scrutiny
  • the potential to feature any single section or player see tips and ideas
  • all players kept busy and engaged.


Players that can see all the music and have played all the musical will…

  • understand the piece as a whole
  • actively hear the other musical lines as they play their own
  • play better as a section
  • play better as an ensemble.


The music is always presented in the clearest possible way so that one look at the page and each player will see something they can play immediately as well as a something to challenge.

about the arrangements

muss i denn wooden heart

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Each arrangement contains a variety of levels to cater for mixed ability ensembles.

Number 1 is the melody. See tips and ideas for ways to share the melody around.

The highest number is the bass. Some are written with open strings in mind and others move around a little closer in style to the original.

Other numbers are harmony and counterpoint. They generally consist of one as easy as possible to cater for beginners (without sacrificing the sound of the arrangement) and another with all of the more tricky stuff and anything chromatic to stretch the more advanced players.

Very few of the arrangements have dynamics as most simply work on one level or have been written in a way to suggest contrast. See tips and ideas for ways to add contrast.

Tempo indications are not included because the pieces are very well known.

Parts for for guitar, harp and piano are always single line and parts for transposing instruments are sometimes presented without key signatures using accidentals instead.