ensembles made simple

sheet music for mixed ability ensembles with any combination of instruments in an easy to rehearse format

Ensembles Made Simple specialise in music that can be played by any combination of instruments. The pieces are flexible and versatile, satisfying to play, and sound good.

Each piece is supplied with parts specifically for your ensemble. It doesn't matter if you have a standard orchestra, wind band, brass band or classical guitar group, a more unusual ensemble such as a single instrument choir or string quartet with 3 violins and a cello, or even a group made up of 4 recorders, 1 clarinet, 2 cellos and a French horn!

The music is presented in a format that makes rehearsals easier and promotes listening skills. See about the music.


Our arrangements cater for a range of playing abilities. Some pieces are very easy and suit beginners, others are more difficult and suit those who have been playing for a several years. See available pieces.


The music has lots of scope for player input giving them a sense of pride in the final performance. See tips and ideas.


Just print off the free samples and give it a go! It’s an extremely creative way to work with an ensemble of any age group, but is especially rewarding with enthusiastic youngsters. 


Any questions? - just send us a message using the contact form.




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